Hi, my name is David and I have wanderlust. If left completely to my own designs I would lead a peripatetic existence, wandering from country to country. Exotic culture to scenic landscape. Maybe I’d do a little writing along the way, but mostly I’d just be enjoying the self-indulgent exploits of the best local cuisine and cultural nuances that each place offered. 

Oh yeah, I’m also in a wheelchair. I have needed one since an Arteriovenus Malformation burst in my brain in 2002. When I say burst, I’m being in no way hyperbolic, I mean blood was literally visible on just a CT scan pouring over the right side of my brain. But that’s neither here nor there. I survived. I was in a coma for a month, and could only move my eyes for another three weeks. Through the dedication of an amazing family and team of therapists, doctors, and trainers I have recovered a great deal. I can walk short distances, and live independently.
This blog is dedicated to the rediscovery and pursuit of my afore mentioned wanderlust. On it I will share my previous experiences as well as my personal insights on my own growth as a disabled traveler. Please read and enjoy!