School Day

So the other day I went to a third grade class with my physical therapist. The third graders at St. Gabe’s elementary were just finishing their unit on human anatomy and Catherine (my PT), wanted to do a presentation for her daughter’s class. When she asked if I would mind going with her to demonstrate some of the assistive technology that helps me to walk I. of course, agreed. I have two little nieces that are younger than Catherine’s children, but I adore children and find their questions about me to be rather amusing.

So when we got there I mostly sat quietly and listened to Catherine give her spiel about me and the work she does. I smiled and waved back at the little girl who was grinning and waving ferociously at me, and I chuckled at the little boys who stared open mouthed in my direction. The best part was their “questions”. Almost every child in the room had their hand eagerly raised, straining to be called upon. Most of the time when called upon the question was really a statement that started with “this one time…” or” I knew someone…” Sometimes they were surprisingly relevant and perceptive, like the one little girl who asked if I could feel things on my left side. By far the funniest comment came from a little boy who asked me, and he was very careful to phrase it in a question, if I knew what it was like to have a T-Rex arm. I tried not to laugh because I didn’t want him to think he was asking a dumb question. But it was pretty funny. When I replied, “Yeah, sort of.” He just gaped and said, “Lucky…”