Foldable Power Chairs

This week I want to talk about equipment that has helped make traveling more

convenient and enjoyable for me and that I hope will do the same for you. Even if

you don’t use a wheelchair regularly or if you normally push your chair this product

will totally change your travel (even just your local travel) experience.

Folding power wheelchair


I originally purchased one of these from Australia (Portashopper) a couple

years ago. It worked wonderfully for travel and totally changed my ability to get

around when away from home. It broke and due it being from Australia we were

never able to get it repaired, despite extensive efforts. The design has since been

picked up by three US vendors. I bought a new one and have had minimal problems.

We did have an issue with one of the wheels, but it was no problem getting it

replaced as it was still under warranty. The chair has excellent casters that handle

bumpy terrain, even cobblestones, without a problem. This is huge in foreign travel.

It folds to size a small enough to fit in virtually any car’s trunk and weighs roughly

forty pounds (all parts included). Even my Mom can pick it up and put it in a trunk.

This opens up the possibility of use of regular taxis rather than a specialized

handicapped van.

Some downsides to the chair are that it is not very comfortable for sitting any

extended length of time , and the footrest makes it a little tricky to get into and out

of, but these are minor issues relative to the freedom it provides. The battery life,

especially with the dual batteries is excellent (many miles) and ease of use and

turning radius are pretty good but it is not quite as easy to control as a heavier

power chair.

Another negative, at least at the time I bought it, was that it was not FDA

approved so insurance wouldn’t pay for it. If that has not changed already it may in

the future, and the cost was very reasonable compared to other medical equipment.

There are several very similar versions and I can recommend the concept

totally. My current one is an AirHawk- check out these links:
Smart Chair – Electric Wheelchair

Original Foldawheel PW-999UL with Travel Bag

Stylish heavy duty Foldawheel PW-1000XL

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your questions and feedback on any type of folding chair you use.