A BIG Idea!

Travel has aided in my recovery in incalculable ways. It has tested my boundaries in capacities I would have never been able to otherwise. It has challenged my independence and forced me to adapt to fluid situations. It has taught me to rely on others when necessary and given me faith in the kindness of strangers. It has broadened my culinary and cultural horizons as well as taught me that most people are proud of where they come from; for panoply of varying reasons that are all justifiable. Travel has helped me to appreciate the nuance in culture and that experience is determined not by where you are or even what happens, but rather by the people you share your memories with.


And so when I think about all of these wonderful things that I have learned from my travels, I of course want to help others see the world and hopefully gain something that they didn’t even know they had lost or were in need of. Because that’s the beautiful thing about every trip I take, I always come away with an appreciation for something that I didn’t even know existed. Even if I knew it existed I experience a different level of realization to see it or touch it or just breathe in the same atmosphere.


This is when I had an epiphany. Surely there are more people who have a hard time getting around that would like to see the world. Their reasons for difficulty could be completely dissimilar, but the common denominator is that they are apprehensive about slowing down their travel companions or being a burden or simply fear of the unknown. I want to help these people check off their bucket lists. Go anywhere they want and experience things they never thought possible.


I want to know what you think about this idea and whether or not you could utilize such a service. Will you please do me a big favor and take just a few seconds to respond to the very short poll I have included


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