Make Your Next Leisure Travel Trip go as Planned with These Tips




Arguably the most important part of any trip is the planning. I say this because even a trip to a fabulous destination with terrific accommodations can quickly turn into a nightmare if the logistics are poorly planned. I think the anxiety involved with such logistics and the fact that making the arrangements on your own can be daunting. Add to that the additional challenge of traveling with small children or someone with limited mobility and it can seem almost impossible.


Here are a few helpful tips to make your trip planning seem a little less daunting and help ensure that your travels go as planned.


DO NOT CHECK baggage that contains vital medicine or medical devices. While the odds of an airline losing your checked luggage are slim, checked luggage does get delayed and occasionally lost. Anything that you must have handy while travbeling keep on your person, especially your travel documents including passports.

  1. Wheelchair repair− while finding a home health store, especially abroad, can be difficult and time consuming; most repairs to manual wheelchairs can be handled by bike shops. These come in especially handy when dealing with the cobblestone streets of Europe and other parts of the world.
  2. Don’t over plan your vacation or leisure trip. Sometimes the most memorable experiences occur when you are what I call being an “accidental tourist” who left time in the itinerary to explore and discover those little things that most people miss.
  3. The more complicated the itinerary, the more you should enlist the assistance of a travel professional who can advise you about the smallest detail, from airport transfers to which hotel is a better value (don’t be fooled by the photos on Internet Websites). Furthermore, a good travel counselor will “have your back” especially when things go wrong― such as a flight cancellation at 7 am Sunday morning in an unfamiliar European airport where little English is spoken.


So when you are thinking about your next leisure vacation, start with a little basic research, which is important whether traveling as a couple, family or group, and vital if you need to accommodate a traveler with limited mobility. Use the Internet to scout destinations, hotels, transportation options and other elements including the activities that you might want to include on your itinerary. Then call us at All-Access Travel. We can help you sort out the many details, help you get the best travel values and make sure that expectations of every traveler in your party are exceeded. We’ll also have your back covered―door-to-door―should something go wrong along the way. All Access Travel (704) 608=4689 or



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