Milford Sound and Melbourne


After leaving Cairns we spent a couple of days in Sydney, using the ship as our hotel. We had a guided tour of the city and met up with one of my high school friends who had moved there after college and ended up marrying an Australian guy and had recently given birth to their first child. We had a nice leisurely diner and drinks at a corner pub before making it back to the ship.


Our first stop after departing Sydney was Melbourne. Melbourne is located in a large inlet that makes a perfect natural harbor. It also makes for good sightseeing as the ship is navigating its way to the dock. Melbourne was one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited, partly because we had an outstanding guide, but also partly because it had an artsy and alternative feel.


The true highlight of the cruise came after leaving Melbourne and sailing across the South Pacific to New Zealand’s South Island. Early in the morning after arriving our ship carefully navigated the narrow and very scenic Milford Sound. The steep rock banks had been carved over thousands of years by a slowly retreating glacier. They were covered in vegetation with the occasional waterfall. At the end of the sound was the glacier itself.



Probably the coolest part of this journey was when the mountaintop called Miter’s peak emerged from the cloud cover, followed by the stunning view of the glacier. This is one of the times when having a balcony really changes your cruise. One problem is that many cruise ships have very few if any accessible rooms with a balcony. Its important that you book early. We at All Access Travel will assist you in making sure your cruise experience is what you want it to be. Contact me for any travel needs you have

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