Mobility Missions


So the other day I was looking at my church’s website and I started browsing the mission trips, just to see what was available. It occurred to me that most, if not all, of the options were in areas that are probably hard to get to and more than likely not very accessible. My particular campus, for instance, has a partnership in rural Honduras.

This got me thinking, I’ve definitely seen other people in chairs or with walkers and such at my church. Surely some of these people have a heart to serve internationally, right? So I contacted the church just to see if they were prepared to accommodate a person with mobility limitations such as myself. Their response was very kind, but they didn’t think a person with mobility issues could be adequately accommodated on their trip to Honduras. After it became clear that Honduras was not an option, at least with their conventional arrangements, I asked if I could plan a trip that was fully accommodating. But the lady with whom I was corresponding did not have the authority to propose a new trip. That would have to come from the leaders of the church.

So I plan on presenting the church with a proposal for some type of missions trip geared towards those with mobility limitations. All will be welcome, of course, but I want to give priority to people who need our service. First I want to inquire to the readers of this blog if they have a desire to serve on a mission trip and where, if they do, would they like to go. My inclination as a travel enthusiast is to go somewhere new to me, perhaps India or Thailand or maybe the Philippines or Indonesia. I would see this as possibly in conjunction with a medical mission. We could solicit used and new adaptive equipment to provide in those unable to obtain these types of things. Also it would be fun to introduce some adaptive sports. Sometimes these little additions to make life easier or more exciting can make a huge impact on those with disabilities. I’m open to wherever there’s a need, though, so please let me know your thoughts via comment or email at

2 thoughts on “Mobility Missions

  1. Way to go, David! I’m so excited to hear about your goal. I traveled to Honduras for mission work last summer and it was hardly accessible w/o mobility issues. I admire how you gently push people to think more inclusively!! #ChangeTheWorld


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